Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hopeful about the future---An optimistic approach.

Days were tough few years back. Due to financial crisis arranging institutional fees was quite difficult. I used to feel insecure looking at my friends who did not have this situation. I cursed my fate all the time whenever I used to starve. It was difficult times. The more I endured, the more it affected on my studies. I kept wondering when this would end so that I too can have good days. 

Friends are an ambient part of your life. Best friends are like important organs of a body. They will stick to you no matter how you are--all time. I was fortunate to have few best friends during my college days. They understood my situation, although I would not utter a word about it. 

One fine day, we all were speaking about our next big thing soon after graduation. It's quite obvious that everybody would say "jump into a big organization" and make savings. But then, what next..? That was our discussion of the day. After other's dreamy opinions it was time for me to express the same.

I said, "A home"..! that startled everyone, no body had thought about it because everyone had a home of their own. My friends curiously looked at me and asked "How..!?, we all know your background and making a home is an outstanding task, and that requires a bank lot of money". I replied, "I do not know, but am optimistic that one day I'll make a home, it's my dream.!". They were surprised but very happy that their dear friend is looking for a bright start. 

With that dream in mind and with same situation back at home, I graduated with flying colors. I got a job too. Recession had hit the industry, revenue was less. But my little rage would not agree to spend everything. I started collecting something out of few penny that I earned.

Years rolled out, I questioned myself "You've been saving a lot yet there is no sign of a home.!?". Again, I hoped for a new change, but did not expect the change would happen so soon. I was introduced to a new phase of life. A Dear friend from college days now became more dearer to me, she be came my life partner.! She too shared my dream. 

We now worked together to achieve OUR dream. My optimistic approach and struggle was nearing it's goal. After saving some amount it was time for us look out for a beautiful HOME. We could not wait too long to get one.

There are many builders and houses in the market, but how reliable are they..? We were confused to core. I came across an ad, well they were unique-- Dream homes are now reachable to a common man. Now that's something to cheer about. We did not wait too long and went through their projects, it was convincing. What happened next is indeed dream come true.!!

There will be terrible days in everybody's life. But do not forget, there will be Magical days ahead of them. I learnt this by experiencing myself. Just as I thought that there will be no happy days at all, my instincts had immense HOPE and FAITH. That feeling made me an optimistic man. 
My dream has now been converted into reality. 
This incident turned out to be a lifer to me. Whenever my colleagues or friends would turn hopeless, I'd narrate this story to try and make them understand the importance of being an Optimistic.

"Hope" is the only medicine for a healthy life..!!  

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