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In Search of Flamingos -- I

Humid weather, smelly fishing boats, rough water and less food...but, no absolute disappointment when it comes to birds. Welcome to Pulicat Bird Sanctuary..!
I've been planning to visit this infamous bird sanctuary for many years now but it was getting postponed every time. I decided to make a trip to Pulicat as the migratory bird count increases in the winter and extends till summer. I was eager to experience the best of birding there..!
Pulicat bird sanctuary is a vast area that is shared by two states, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This lake is one of the largest black water lagoon found in India after Chilika, in Odisha-- that is according to the books. But, it looked different to me. It was mostly black at the beginning of the journey where mostly flamingos and godwits colonies were found. Little far away from them, the colour of the water turned greenish where little Tern colonies were found. Finally, at the edge of the sea, the water turned almost blue in colour where ter…

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