Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hoopoe's Day-Out.

   I might sound crazy, but yes bird watching has become an addiction to me. 
   I visited Hosakote lake recently. Pretty big water body which is about 35 kms from Bengaluru. After            spending quite sometime with aquatic birds I was walking towards the parking area. 
   I noticed this attractive bird looking for ants and insects.

Common Hoopoe--Adult...
 With a crown of feathers, long beak and brick colored body the bird looked colorful. Hoopoes are          commonly found across India, but characteristically they are shy. Using their long beak they feed on insects  mainly. Their habitats would usually be near to anthills.

 It rubbed the dust using wings and pierced its beak into several pits. It was foraging on the ground  peacefully.

Looking for someone..?
 Now another beauty flew towards this bird and started doing the same activity. It was a juvenile hoopoe.  Time had arrived for adult hoopoe to teach the kid how to feed on Hoopoe's Delicacies. 

Juv Hoopoe.
On a serious job.

On my own.
More Walk.
  Both adult and juv crossed the fence and started foraging further more. I could not see them catching a fly    or an insect of any kind.

Time to Disappear.
  Hosakote Lake: 35kms from Bengaluru.