Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pie(r)cing India...!

Venue: ITPL cafeteria. Bangalore
          Often I indulge myself in lonely thoughts during a hectic or not so good day. That helps. You keep thinking "What's wrong with me today..?" and finally end up listening to your neighbor' conversation while sipping a cup of hot tea. ITPL cafe is one interesting place where young guns of India come up with serious discussions. They speak, fight; and compromise with the current situations. However, they would not give up the hope. 

My mind somehow went in search of such conversations. I could say that I was pretty fond of listening to others at that point. Quickly bought a cup of tea and sat on the stone bench in front of the man made fountain. I sat deliberately ova there; as I saw a group of youngsters discussing fiercely. 
One said, "In our country the people are very morale"; to that a lady replied "You call people are morale here?? then why would in-laws kill there son's bride for money..!?". The guy kept silent; which normally happens when a lady replies. That sentence "In our country the people are very morale"; kept revolving in my head round and round. How did he say that? and why did he say that? is he not aware about the brightly-dull nation?; or just want to boast that even this nation is filled with morally-high society people?. 
Although, the technology has grown far more better in our country; still there is lack in morale amongst the people. 

I recalled; the 'Morale' people playing games with innocent people of the nation. Starting from Kargil to Kanyakumari, the Godfathers/Godmothers rule utterly common nationalists. A super Economist who once created a budget with no flaws; which actually increased the rupee market abroad, is having tough time convincing the 'Morale' lady. The rupee value has gone down; leading to a chain of issues; and the boulders like Infosys, TCS are laying off bright children of India. Is this not sufficient enough to say we aint  Morale  yet..?? 

Starting from 1950s when Indi(r)a Gandhi started ruling to 2012 where Sonia Gandhi is ruling; Morale  people are forgetting Arun Khetarpal, Vikram Batra, Sandeep Unni and other countless brave martyrs who are pledging their lives; their parents happiness just to make sure Morality  can sleep peacefully. So who cares about brave hearts? its only Morale Hearts should do.! I am one amongst those Morale Hearts, wish everyone could be.! 

Tired...Signing off...