Thursday, 19 March 2015


The best thing to do in life is to travel. There are beautiful places which not only gives you pleasure, but also boosts your inner energy.

Since my childhood I have been an active traveler. This habit was induced by my father. He promptly fulfilled my eagerness to visit different places. Apart from his monthly expenses he used to contribute a little towards some outing and ensured it was memorable.!

Mysore is about 130kms from Bengaluru. A beautiful small city that boasts with rich heritage and culture. It's infamous Wadeyar's palace, Chamundi temple, Churches, Zoological park, the monumental Krishna Raja Sagar Dam with lovely brindavan garden attracts tourists from rest of the world. People throng to this peaceful city whenever they get a chance, specially during Dussera (Navaratri).

I was 12, although this place was reachable to every school friend of mine, it was not to me for so many days. I kept asking my father to take us to this wonderful place. As a kid I was fascinated to listen to descriptions from my friends who had been there already. This fascination changed to determination. I pressed on and on till he finally agreed. With a minimal budget, he charted out a plan to take my mother, me and my younger brother to Mysore. I was excited..!

He made suitable logistic arrangements prior to our visit. It was his first time visit too, anxiousness was clearly visible on his face.
The day finally came when we boarded Bangalore-Mysore state road transport bus. Yet another vacation..!

Words fall short to describe the enjoyment. My father ensured to cover all popular places. Tiredness, fatigue did not bother us, until we reached the grand Mysore Palace. We thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the palace, but the second half was too tiring.
We still recall this funny incident : My brother was just about 6 when we did this trip. He was very naughty and active. He ran across big halls of the palace, clearly showing his excitement. Soon, we reached the place where souvenirs are kept. Mom, me and my father were indulged completely into it that we forgot where the little guy was. He was not lost in the crowd, but we saw him crawling on the floor..! He was too tired that he could not complete the trail by walk. :-D.

With loads of happiness, memorable events and little bit of shopping we concluded the trip. My father fulfilled his promise by taking us to this nice city.

Years rolled by, we still continued to visit places. But out of all Mysore trip etched a forever mark on all of our hearts.! Thanks to my family who made it such a memorable event.

So, after many years it was my turn to make my family happy. Along side my wife, I planned a short trip to Kudremukh, where my father started his early career. Weather was perfect and I took care of the logistics.

Covering beautiful temples and meadows we reached Kudremukh. His face was lit up with fond memories. His ex-colleague took us to Kudremukh mining company where my father started briefing how the machines worked. He was just above the clouds..!
I knew my mother pretty well. Her interest is more on temples. So, I covered the temples which my family members had not seen. There you go, all happy faces at the end..!

It feels great whenever I look at the photos taken during these trips. Drives me optimistic so that I could work harder to make my family feel both comfortable and secure.
Now, do they feel secure without a own house..!? No..!
When I spoke to my parents about the plan to make our own home they did not hesitate to say YES.

Thus, a new chapter was opened in our small family. We are on the verge of stepping into our dream home.! Thanks to
We live here, together...forever..!!

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