To the land of Hornbills--II

This is a continuation to "To the land of Hornbills".

My recent trip to Dandeli ensured a good list of species primarily because of flowering and fruiting of trees. I loved the way tiny little birds find their food in different forms. The forests of Dandeli seldom disappoints an avian lover. It boasts all kind of wonderful, colorful and vibrant endemic species that wouldn't go unnoticed. I was fortunate to spot some of the vivid colored winged beauties..!

Malabar Trogon--male.

This rare endemic specie will be active during early mornings and late evenings.Malabar Trogons generally are elusive in nature and would prefer canopies for perching. They feed on moths and insects.
Brown Breasted Flycatcher--- a stout little bird that feeds on flies and other insects as the name suggests. They usually perch on the lower parts of the trees or dried thickets as compared to other species from flycatcher family.
Asian Brown Flycatcher---known for its sleek body and expert diving capabilities Asian Brown is one of the commonly found bird in FC family. This bird prefers to perch on top of the tress unlike the brown breasted fc. 
Blue Capped Rock Thrush.(F) 
Black Naped Blue Monarch (F): One of the most active specie from Flycatcher family that feeds on insects and flies. The pale blue colored body with a black nape makes the bird one of the most attractive ones.
Velvet Fronted Nuthatch--feeds mostly on insects. Its characteristic strong claws helps the bird to climb down the tree trunks which is uncommon among other birds. 
Orange Minivet (F)--Another colorful bird which is commonly found in the parts of Western Ghats.

Flame Throated Bulbul--Known for its unique Ruby colored patch on the throat, this birds mainly feeds on seeds and fruits off the trees. This too is an endemic specie of the western ghats.
Crested Serpent Eagles(Juv).

Crested Serpent Eagle--One of the majestic and commonly found raptor which mainly preys on reptiles and small sized mammals. It is known for the wing span and a distinctive call pattern.

Date of travel: Jan 25th 2019


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