Monday, 1 August 2016

ಯಾಣ..ರುದ್ರ ರಮಣೀಯ !!

Uttara Kannada is one of my favorite hangouts to celebrate nature. The Malenadu region receives plenty of rain fall every year to rejuvenate the water bodies.
Sirsi, a small town in Uttara Kannada district is considered a hub for local tourism. Every place around Sirsi is unique and mesmerizing.
One amongst them is Yana, a mythical place surrounded by thick western ghats forests, has unusual rock formations.  A pilgrimage center, otherwise known as Bhairaveshwara shikara and Mohini shikara because of Shiva temple within the caves. The rocks are composed of  black limestone.

Yana Hills.

Shiva Temple beneath the hill.
Yana was once a trekkers paradise. A real adventure to reach the foothills by battling leeches, negotiating bad roads, heavy rains. But, the nature's beauty will keep you going.
Over the years, amenities to Yana have improved. Well built roads reduces the trekking efforts.

It's a treat to watch the hills from a distance, feels like the mighty hills are trying to kiss the clouds. It gives a spiritual feeling when you take a stroll round the temple.

Rock formations inside a cave.
Sunrays struggle to touch the foot hills.
This place attracts lot of tourists during Maha shiva rathri festival. Devotees carry buckets of water to offer to Lord Shiva.

Sun light that occasionally enters the caves illuminates the water droplets dripping from the rocks ! A mystic creation indeed.

Water dripping from rocks. 
Indulged in nature..
Glimpse of Yana rocks from distance.
Bird watching was equally great. Lot of endemic species like Hornbills, orange minivets, bulbuls etc greeted me nicely.

Malabar Grey Hornbill. 
Another beautiful place that is very near to Yana and should not be missed is Vibhuthi falls. It is one of the many hidden waterfalls of Karnataka. I trekked close to 4 kms to get a glimpse of this gorgeous falls. Surrounded by thick forests, the river Aghanashini gushes through the creeks of rock structures. 

Vibhuti Falls.
These places are termed as Eco-friendly zones. Please avoid pollution and littering the premises. Smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.

Pics courtesy:- Guru Darshan.

Destination: Yana rocks. Vibhuti Falls.
Distance to Yana rocks:
From Bengaluru-- 470 kms.
From Sirsi-- 50 Kms.
Road condition: Good.

Distance to Vibhuti falls from Yana: 11 kms.
Road condition: Good.

List of touristy places near Sirsi.

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