Monday, 11 May 2015

"The Best" T(Pr)eacher.

It was a rainy day, I stood with my mother under a shelter to avoid drenching. The shelter happened to be a well-known bakery in that locality and was not far away from my school. It was crowded for obvious reasons, people did not wished to get wet. The downpour was pretty high that day.

I was probably the only kid amongst the crowd. There were ladies, middle aged gents, college boys and old people. Due to heavy rain thick mist was formed outside. My mother noticed that I was shivering out of cold. She quickly bought me a cup of hot milk. I started relishing it.

Of course, the cold had induced few of the gentlemen from the crowd to pitch in for cigarettes. Light a cigarette and you are a hero! That is how advertisements and films would show, back then. As a kid, I fantasied about it. I was wanting to grow up real quick just to try this thing out.

Mothers always have a secured feeling about her kids. Likewise, my mother observed that I was concentrating on the actions performed by the gentlemen who had cigarettes. She smiled and asked me what I was looking at. I pointed towards bunch of men who had butt in their hands. With a dejected smile, she said "they are inhumans". I objected her and compared them with famous Heroes from movies who did extraordinary stunts with cigars. She started laughing, again and gently said: "Dear, it is a dangerous habit. It will kill the organs!" I replied curiously "How...?” My mother without losing her patience explained in detail "Dear, that paper roll is made out of chemicals which are harmful for human body. It contains concentrated tobacco. The side effects of this habit is bad to the people who have it and to them who are near to it. This habit is called Smoking. A person addicted to this habit will die soon." It startled Me.! My mind was blank for few moments. We quit that place soon and reached home safely. My mother was victorious. There was a sense of contentment in her. She had sown a seed of wisdom inside me and was sure that it will be fruitful someday.

It's been two decades since this incident happened. On that day as a kid, I stared at gents who carelessly lit cigarettes and started smoking even though there were ladies and old people who were forced to inhale the poisonous gas. Now as grown up man I educate careless smokers not to trouble themselves and others with their filthy habit.

Her sincere efforts made me a responsible non-smoker. If she was hesitant to educate me then, perhaps I would have become similar to any usual smoker!

This is one of the lessons from many of which she taught me. Along with nutritious food she nourished me with human values, could not ask for more. I insist her to use Godrej product so that she looks just like her younger days, and she obliges J.

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