Monday, 24 November 2014

Into the Leopard's Lair..!!

You may visit my blog about Kabini River lodge here. And now, its time for some wildlife action..!
I could not resist sharing the beauties in this single-lengthy post. Hence, requesting little patience. 

Nov 01/2014, 5:00 PM, Nagarhole National Park, Zone A 
A pack of 6 Wild dholes dragged a fawn into a bush, finished it alive. 

Wild Dhole enjoying mud bath.
Fresh "Fawn" bloody mouth.
Guarding the "Kill".

Enjoying its meal.
A member of Pack with its share.
Other mammals: Herd of gaur, baby elephants, herd of spotted deers, ruddy mongoose, wild boars.

Time: 6:10 PM, Sunkadakatte, Nagarhole National Park.

First leopard sighting is always special.!! It was about 6 PM and we were about to complete the evening safari. Sunlight was fading soon, just then our naturalist got a tip that there was a leopard sitting on a tree near Sunkadkatte. We were near Antharasanthe, without any hesitation the jeep driver took us from one corner of the jungle to another on a roller coster ride.!! Spotted Deer jumped with fear. In just 10 mins we reached the place where this beauty was relaxing. Truly an unforgettable moment . As it was dark the lens had lost it's intelligence and I had to manage with my hands to get a clear shot of this special one.

Spot the Cat..!!

We came out of the sanctuary by 6:20 PM. It was pitch dark by then. Fire-flies illuminated certain parts of the forest. It was an adventurous jeep drive with an amazing experience of wilderness. 

Nov 02/2014, 6:00 AM, Nagarhole National Park, Zone B and Backwater trail:

No sign of predators during morning safari, lucky to find herd of gaurs, sambhar, spotted deer, a sub-adult tusker, stripe necked mongoose, Malabar Giant squirrel and so many birds.

Teak Woods of Kabini.
Indian Gaur.
Elegant Sambhar.
A sub-adult Tusker with a broken tusk.
Sniffing a tree.
We probably bothered him too much.
Birds of Kabini:

Grey JungleFowl.
Plum Headed Parakeet--Male and Female.
Indian Peafowl---On top of a tree.
Golden Flame-Back Woodpecker.
Greater Racket-Tailed Drongo.
Crested Serpent Eagle--A majestic look.
Apart from these I was able to find: Heart spotted Woodpecker, Streak Throated Woodpecker, White Bellied Woodpecker, Black Headed Oriole, Black headed cuckoo shrike, Golden Orioles, White-throated Kingfisher, Indian Peahen, White-bellied drongos, Honey Buzzard, Red Junglefowl, Grey Heron, Oriental Darters, Cormorants, Blue Faced-Malkoha, Common Hoopoe, Jungle Babblers.

Birds Found inside JLR Campus: Puff throated Babbler, Scaly Brested Munia, Red-vented Bulbul, Red-Whiskered Bulbul, Indian Grey Hornbills, Long Tailed Shrikes, Bay backed shrike, Silverbills, Russet sparrows, Male and Female Koel, Jungle Myna, Brahminy Kite, Drongo. 

Yes there was no sign of Royal Bengal Tiger..sigh.! But I was happy to experience the impeccable bio-diversity. I hope forest department and JLR would continue to preserve the range and take certain measures to stop illegal activities. 

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