Wednesday, 22 January 2014

"Gonibeedu"--A quite getaway.

It was during the month of November when temple doors of goddess "Hasanamba" were opened. An historic temple of its kind, people from different parts of the state and country, rush towards this temple to offer puja and seek her blessings. 
Let me put up a short note on Hasanamba temple. Goddess Hasanamba is the graama-devathe or ooru-devi (village deity) of Hassan. The temple is situated in Hassan town which is at a distance of 180kms from Bangalore, 60kms from Chikmagalur. The deity is believed to be powerful, greatly respected by localities and nearby village people; including my family. Although the main door of temple will be open throughout the year, Hasanamba shrine doors are opened only during Deepavali/Diwali festival. Just as the festival day is over, the shrine doors will be closed. 

We did not have any other plans after this temple visit. Me and my wife discussed with our uncle about visiting the place "Gonibeedu". The weather was perfect, we started by 11 AM from Hassan. The intention was to visit Adi Subramanya temple and offer puja. I felt that there would not be bird activity because of the scorching sunlight. But I was partially wrong. Soon after crossing Belur, it started raining but we managed to reach the place by 12 PM. We finished offering puja soon and I went to explore the surroundings.

Temple Entrance
Temple is very clean and is maintained neatly. It is situated amidst coffee plantations, a perfect and healthy habitat for birds. River Hemavathi flows next to the temple and it was clean too. The river is pretty wide with good vegetation on either sides. A beautiful scenic spot with a glimpse of the valley was blissful.
River Hemavathi.
Little Cormorant flight.
There was'nt much aquatic birds apart from few cormorants and egrets. But the banyan tree on the river bank hosted lots of rose ringed parrots, white browed bulbuls, green imperial pigeons, grey wagtails, and palm squirrels. 
Just as I entered a coffee estate behind the temple, I caught a glimpse of Common Flameback woodpecker which was in action. 
Common Flameback-Woodpecker
Further more, a leafless tree hosted rose-ringed parakeets and couple of green pigeons, that was the first time I saw green pigeons. 
Green pigeons and Rose ringed parakeets.
Green pigeon.
Giant Wood Spider.

Spotted Dove.
Grey Wagtail.
White Browed Wagtail
I realized that visiting this place early morning could be more happening. Nevertheless, the place was so calm that we spent good time near the temple and on the river bank. We were more than satisfied about this drive, in addition to temple's beauty and its surroundings; the place is situated very close to Hassan which can be visited any day we wish to. 

Directions to Gonibeedu from Hassan.
From Hassan, Belur is 40Kms; (via chikmagalur road; road quality is good). Hit Mudigere Road via Belur and continue further up to 25kms. First you get Gonibeedu town, continue further 2kms till Adi subramanya temple arch to the left, follow the trail to reach the temple. Temple will be open from 7AM-12PM. 

Places to visit near Hassan:
1: Belur:: Chennakeshava temple, Yagachi reservoir.
2: Halebidu:: Hoysala temple.
3: Sakleshpur:: Rottikallu resort, Homestays with coffee estates.
4: Gorur Dam.
5: Chikmagalur. 

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