Friday, 5 April 2013

A Silent-Bloody Valley

Yeah is a silent valley. A beauty of its own with ice cap mountains around, lush green turfs on hills, yellow sunflowers, red and white tulips, lots of birds and absolutely stunning environment. The place is called KASHMIR..."Heaven on Earth"...!!. History says that before Independence, the Rajahs and Britishers used to visit Srinagar and its sibling towns for holidays. It was due to its picturesque beauty and fresh air. Specially a ride in Dal lake would make anyone feel like a Rajah..! Now, post independence this Heaven has been transformed as HELL. Yes, that's hell of a truth. We all know why the heaven got transformed into Hell. I will not get into those facts. I really admire Kashmiri's  for their hardwork and courage. But I strongly object the radical movements running behind the screen due to which the civilization is on stake. 

A view from Dal Lake, mesmerizing weather. There was sunshine, rain with clouds rumbling..! 
Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir and also for CRPF, BSF, J&K Police and Special Forces. There are two things which happen quietly here, one is tourism and another is defense mechanism by Indian jawans. Despite heavy artillery and dedicated patriotic soldiers, people live on a thin ice. Each and every moment they recall the mishaps which ruined their future. Many have migrated to other parts of country, many of them have stayed back looking for hope. It never ends..!
Well, I recommend everyone to visit Kashmir once in a lifetime least. The experience is truly unexplained. Impeccable weather, extremely soothing fresh air, colorful city, clean gardens, precious lake, chilling mountains and amazing spots to trek. What more can a nature enthusiast expect..? just go see it..! 
         Snow Peaks of Sonamarg.
        Glacier River with fresh water.
       Lush green Pahalgam.
In past few months, kashmir valley is getting heated up due to politics. The era of shedding blood has begun. It all started again with Pak's cease fire violation, crossing the border illegally and also many terror attacks. This is turning out be a slow poison for the locals as tourists think twice to visit the place. Major revenue is generated by the tourism department, which is also a kind of Mafia over here. 
             Pahalgam : A place to RAFT with many rapids.
   Gulmarg. Level 2: Close to LOC.
Sonamarg: Level 1: Place to Ski.
Places to visit are many in Kashmir, but there are very important places which no one should miss : Srinagar, Sonamarg, Gulmarg and Pahalgam. There are many budget hotels, house boats for accommodation. Food is not a problem for both Veggies and Non veggies. However, boozers should think twice. 
I have made an attempt to throw little light on this gorgeous place. Tourism here not only improves the state infrastructure but also improves the security. More number of tourists, more secure is the valley. Think once.!


  1. Hmmmmm Nice to see you share the memories which are sooo intact almost close to an year later

    1. Yea Suzy, thought of sharing some ultimate experiences... :)