Saturday, 29 April 2017

Arm Chair Birding.

Eat, relax and bird--that's exactly what you'd do at this place. Lot of arm chairs around and a typical bird bath set up in the middle of a green patch, surely is tempting..! 
With all the rustic set up, The old magazine house never disappoints a bird watcher. Perhaps the only place where photographers gets ample time to shoot birds from different angles. 

As much as I regret that I could not visit OMH this year, am trying to relish fond memories of last year. Am not gonna write paragraphs about it as I have already done in the past. All you need is documented in my previous blog post.

This post is more of photographs with less text, so sit back and enjoy the winged beauties.
Malabar Pied Hornbill.
Blue Capped Rock Thrush, male.
Blue Capped Rock Thrush, male.
Brown Brested Flycatcher with a moth.
The elegant While Bellied Blue Fly catcher, male.

Yellow Browed Bulbul.
Crested Goshawk.
Flame Throated Bulbul.
Datk Fronted Babbler.

Blue Monarch, male and Female.
Paradise Flycatcher and Blue Monarch attempting a discussion.
Indian Paradise Flycatcher, female.
Indian Paradise Flycatcher, male.
Flaunting it's lovely tail.
Bunch of White eyes.

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