Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G-The Fastest Network Ever.

It is hard to imagine a day without internet as we are addicted to it. We have crossed the generation of minimum usage of world wide web, thanks to advanced technology. When I was introduced to internet the speed was just 512 kbps, it was terrible. I had to wait for an hour to get my exam results with that much speed. Imagine how annoying if the browsing speed drops!
As time changed, there are lot of internet service providers in the market. Due to smart phone revolution, the service providers introduced pocket internet. Gone are the days when we used to send SMS through service provider, now mobile applications like What’s app, Viber, skype etc rule the messaging world. These applications with the help of mobile internet reach out to all class of people. Many desktop applications have been transformed to mobile application, and the reason behind this change is Mobile internet.

The generation of pocket internet has changed dramatically over a year. Earlier it was G, then came 2G, then 3G and now 4G. The difference is the browsing speed. As the name indicates, the throughput and performance of mobile internet have consistently increased over generations.
You wish to watch a movie? Do not have to stand in long queue for hours to get the tickets. With the help of mobile application and pocket internet book your tickets from anywhere you are. Now that’s something which you had not thought of couple of years back.

Taking this as an example, let’s analyse the performance of mobile internet. You are far away from desktop computer and wish to book movie tickets using your mobile device. You turn ON your mobile internet and start the ticket application. Time’s running and you have to book the tickets, but the speed of the internet is slow. It barely loads the page..! Have you ever imagined how frustrating would that be..!? Forget about booking your seats, you would not be able to see the availability at all. So the summary is, though you have the privileges of booking the tickets due to bad internet service it could not be done.

On the contrary, if you have activated Airtel on your mobile things would be much better. Book the tickets on the fly without any hassle, watch or download movies in less time, watch your favorite sports-live without any delay. Imagine how cool that life would be. It is all possible, indeed.

At present, many mobile service providers have offered mobile internet pack. But it is left to consumer to choose it wisely. By far, per my experience Airtel has been outstanding. The network is stable and versatile. Now, from the same service provider 4G ( has been introduced across the nation. It is the first telecom provider to introduce 4G service and the best part is, the tariff is same as 3G! So, experience the fastest internet on your fingertips.

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