Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Get set Redi-Go.

I live in Bangalore, the IT capital of India. Over the years, the city has grown to it’s peak. Many people come to this city in search of job opportunities. More people enter the city, that many vehicles hit the road resulting in traffic congestion.

You do not wish to get stuck in traffic for long. You wish to zip across the roads to reach your work place soon. Since, my work place is far from my home I’d wish to buy a car which is sleek with good features that can suit urban traffic. In this era, you have multiple options to choose, but you have to pick the best.

While I was searching for good cars to suit my requirements, I came across Datsun Redi-Go. Purely built for urban usage I felt this could be the chosen one. I walked into one of the showrooms to inquire about this car, the brochure said: - “Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.” The title card suggested this can be used for long journeys too! I started looking at some salient features of this new car.

1: Good ground clearance—if a car has 0 ground clearance it is going to be tough to negotiate nasty pot holes and humps within city limits. I have experienced several inconveniences with lesser ground clearance vehicles. However, Datsun Redi-go does have good ground clearance. So much to say, the user do not have worry too while negotiating bad roads or water clogged areas.

 2: Mobile Docking system—Am a frequent traveller and I use maps extensively. Placing the mobile inside the car is always a practical problem. This car has inbuilt mobile docking system. How cool is that..! Very convenient and useful. Just drive peacefully referring to maps.

3: Driver Computer and Shift indicator—A digital meter is always eye-catchy. The interiors would look different and stylish with this feature. It just gets better when there is a gear shift indicator. You don’t want to look at the gear all the time if you are a learner, the indicator will assist you to shift the gear when necessary.

4: Storage space—I drive a lot to explore different places. Therefore, I need a big boot space to fill up my stuffs. A 222 liter of boot is more than sufficient for me to carry whatever I wish to. More than anything, the ease to fold the rear seats would yield more space.

Overall, this car has got lot of smart features and fits to common man’s requirement perfectly. With cool color variants and attractive accessories this car steals the show. Engine capacity is 800cc which means more mileage, the user can expect up to 25 kmpl in ideal conditions. Safety measures such as air bags, reverse parking sensors are included which is a must these days.

 According to me, Datsun Redi-go is certainly a best choice with minimum budget. It’s compatibility, stylish design, good mileage, driving comfort-ability will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face!

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