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Thattekad Bird Sanctuary--Part III

I've arrived to the final part of my recent trip to Thattekad. This session of birding was not only fruitful in terms of lifers and stuffs, but also informative with respect to Thattekad habitat protection and local challenges because of Wild Elephants. 
Like any other place on earth, Thattekad too is fragmented; but not to a great extent. The water source is the Periyar river that looked green and less polluted. Fruits such as banana, pineapple and different types of vegetables are the main source of agriculture here and that attracts lot of elephants. There are a few coffee plantations as well that aren't too great in size. 
Session III:
The day started with couple of Racket Tailed Drongos mobbing Rosy starlings, and a brown brested flycatcher trying to catch its prey. 
Gireesh took me to a cliff where I could find some action..! Early morning mist cleared quickly and the birds started making noise as much as they want to. 

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