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A place called "Honey Valley".

 " Coorg , the scotland of India was once a favourite holiday destination for the western people during the British rule in India. Many maharajahs spent most of their time in Coorg in summer to experience the beauty of nature. It is also one of the main tourist destinations of India. "We have read many things about Coorg, especially about their rich culture, tradition and of course their love towards the nation." As they say, there is atleast one soldier or a farmer in every Kodava family. They are brave and fearless fighters.  In the past few years, Coorg have been exploited a lot in many ways. Massive destruction of green patches and conversion of agricultural lands into commercial lands led to a great trauma. The flood outbreak in Coorg was an eye opener to the greedy society who is behind money. It proved that no place on earth is safe if we go against the rules of the nature.  Yer, there are a few places in Coorg which is still preserved naturally. This

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