Friday, 10 July 2015

Benefits of Balanced Diet.

According to the definition, a balanced diet is one that contains proper proportions of nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy life. But what actually happens if we forget to maintain it is unimaginable.

Our stomach accepts everything that we give. It cannot identify which is good for body and which is not. Hence, we need to ensure the daily food what we feed-on is nutritious. There is a difference between good eating and good diet. Healthy eating means consuming healthy food such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, green leaves, pulses, cereals to maintain a good life.

A balanced diet comprises of dietary ethics for losing/gaining body weight. This type of diet focuses on breaking fat and cholesterol, regulating sugar level, maintaining consistent blood pressure in a human body. Needless to say, this will definitely help in increasing immunity against harmful infections.

People who work in IT industry have an unbalanced diet. Am one amongst many who tend to skip meal due to hectic work. Hence, in order to maintain healthy lifestyle IT people practice below types of diets.

1: Healthy Diet: Right time to eat, right time to bed.
The concept of early to bed and early to rise with proper three meal course is practiced in this diet. Before leaving to the work place, first meal of the day would consist of breakfast with a glass of milk. After 3-4 hours comes lunch, a whole stomach filling lunch rejuvenates the body and provides energy to work for next few hours. Later at night, a light dinner with a glass of milk would suffice. Here the body intakes in regular interval, a long gap is not maintained. Accumulation of gas inside the body is less. The diet must include fibrous contents, fresh vegetables, vitamins and proteins. Many of them consume fresh fruit juice which lubricates the body and keeps it light.

2: Crash Diet: Cut down what you eat.
Obesity is a serious disorder and is commonly found now-a-days in the society. The cause is because of the sober lifestyle that includes improper eating schedule, no body exercise and eating high cholesterol food. So in order to control obesity people often choose crash diet. The diet plan includes consuming raw vegetables like cucumber, carrots, radish, spinach, etc. It also includes hard food like oil less wheat rotis, brown rice, dal and other low calorie items. As the main intention is to reduce body weight smoothies, natural ice cream and other high calorie food is completely avoided.
Many diet experts insists to practice Yoga and similar exercises along with balanced diet to avoid any harmful diseases. They also insist to consume dry fruits with honey. Honey is an alternative for sugar. Diabetic patients are advised to consume honey as they find it difficult to resist sugar.

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