Saturday, 13 June 2015

Protecting the skin Naturally.

Twacha ki raksha kare ayurvedic cream, Vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream..! This is the famous jingle of 90s which introduced us to skin protection.
Our body is shielded by multiple layers of tissues known as “Skin”. Skin care is extremely important as skin plays an important role in sensitivity. Skin also plays an important role in avoiding contacts with deadly pathogens. It acts as a barrier between internal and external environment.
Skin protection is not easy. Experimenting with your skin might turn out to be deadly. Harsh chemicals used in cosmetics results in skin cancer. So, I believe using natural methods to treat your skin is the best solution. Natural methods include Ayurveda—an effective medical approach which helps a lot in soothing skin. Ayurveda is an ancient practise native to Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda medicines are composed of various medicinal plants which are found across the country. As the method is herbal, side effects to skin cannot be found.
I’d like to share below methods to protect skin from allergy, pollution and other diseases.
Ø  Eat plenty of vegetables. Vegetables are rich in nutrients that are essential for skin pigmentation. More you consume vegetables, more the skin glows. Vegetables with watery contents are recommended as they digest quickly. Consuming atleast 3 varieties of veggies regularly will definitely help in glowing skin.
Ø  Eat cereals and pulses. They contain protein which improves the condition of skin. Almonds, nuts and seeds will supply enough resources to tissues. Nowadays, people prefer oats and flakes which are light in calories but helps in skin protection.
Ø  Eat fresh fruits. Fruits such as guava, papaya, and pomegranate contains calcium, red pigments, and are rich in minerals. Skin therapists apply papaya pulp over the body before taking bath. Fresh fruit juice without sugar acts as skin nutrients.
Ø  Yoga and jogging. Exercising is necessary for effective metabolism. It will increase the blood circulation, digestion and makes the body light. It prevents from allergy, increases the immunity and keeps the muscles and joints toned. Simple exercises such as yoga, running helps in sweating out unwanted toxins.
Ø  It is proven that Meditation helps in bringing charm to your skin. Apart from that, meditation has superb advantages. It decreases mental stress, hydrates the body and cleans the lungs internally. So, meditating for least a half an hour helps the whole body in all ways.
Ø  Skin tones and moisturisers. Human skin is exposed to harsh wind, dust and smoke. As a result, skin will dry up losing oil glands. Applying almond oil, castor oil or coconut oil before taking bath acts as a lubrication for skin. This method rejuvenates oil glands and keeps the skin healthy. Applying milk cream over body acts a moisturiser during winter season. It is an effective method to protect skin from cold winds.
Ø  Applying Turmeric paste is an effective method. This reduces pimples, black spots and oily skin.
There are many other methods to protect skin. Few people use Multani mitthi, tender coconut fruit, cucumber etc while others use artificial skin creams to maintain the skin colour.

Usage of chemical based cosmetics turns out to be harmful to skin on a longer run. Many believe in natural methods. For more details please visit"VICCO Turmeric Cream" is widely known and proven to be effective.

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