Thursday, 19 March 2015

One Bold Decision--One Big House.

A decade ago, people were happily staying in a rented house as it was affordable. Now the trend has changed. People think to buy a home instead of stepping into a rented place. Housing projects have set a new way of living in the city.

I took a bold decision and it was in favor of all family members. We decided to make a home..! Well, a middle class family like ours generally think twice before taking up this decision. The very reason is Money. Everybody knows that making a nest takes plenty of energy. It is considered as a life time commitment, and mostly an achievement. Fear and anxiety haunted us when we all agreed to proceed.

Thus began our dream project. There are plenty of things that needs to be looked after when you are signing up a new home. To name few: construction quality, material quality, wood furnishing, interiors, exteriors, elevation, electrical work etc. All these essential components would sum up to a beautiful house. We approached relatives and friends who shared their experiences.

So, based on other's experiences, some research and with lot of courage we started covering each critical components and ensured there are no flaw during the project. We kept a strong objective in front of us--it’s our home, it should look good. We ensured that our hard earned money is not wasted during this process.

This project was close to our heart. We at any cost had to arrange funds which was beyond our savings. Now it was our turn to approach banks which offered housing loans at lesser rate of interest. It is fairly a difficult task to get the funds we aspire as banks will be having predefined terms. Fortunately, our housing loan application was passed without any hurdles. We duly signed on their contract for next two decades agreeing to pay EMIs. Thus, one of the nationalized bank agreed to help us in achieving what we were overlooking.

Our dream house was taking a wonderful shape. Every time we visited our unfinished home the feel was eternal.
The desire to make a beautiful house became stronger in each of us. We keenly looked into the fittings, furnishings and wood. We imagined our house before selecting necessary parts. We chose right people to carve out the interiors so that it appears good.

With months of struggle and sweat we finally look up to our new house. The feeling is just amazing. Unknowingly, a bonding was created between my family and our new house. We were now proud owners of a budget dream house, thanks to Am grateful to my family members who were instrumental in fulfilling this one big task.

One bold decision led us to wonderful big house..!

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