Saturday, 31 January 2015

My First Indiblogger Meet.

It's been almost an year since I started blogging at Indiblogger. A unique platform where one can flaunt their blogs royally.

I got a mail from Indiblogger with a special invite few days back. With all curiousness I selected the link which took me to a fresh page with a label---"Asus Indiblogger Meet 2015--Bangalore". I was excited: "Wow, that'd be my first ever Indiblogger meet and what a coincidence, it's happening in namma bengaluru.!!" I registered immediately, which was not too difficult. Well, least that I knew about this event my mind wandered with many thoughts: "you dont know anyone what will you do there..? what if things dont work as you expect" etc etc. With all these confusions I wrote a mail to my blogger friend who apparently had been to such events earlier.
"Dont think twice, just GO" he replied. That was a relief, I then waited for the agenda which was displayed couple of days later.

Clearly, Asus sponsored this meet. GoSleekAsusExperience was the main agenda of this blogger meet. As this was my first meet I did not bother about the agenda, I wanted to feel it. So, I started counting days to be a part of this meet.

With neutral expectations, lot of hopes to meet new friends I reached the venue, ITC Gardenia. Enthusiasts had gathered already. There were hardly any known faces to me. Though I felt weird at start, I got engaged with couple of newbies who made feel comfortable. Interacting with different bloggers from different genre I felt so fresh. I exchanged their blog URLs, shared mine too.!
Then started the fest, first item from the agenda. A rock band..!! rocking indeed.

Indiblogger meet-2015

We moved on to the next agenda which to me was very important. Anoop the host asked the participants to interact with each other and get a personal thing from them. It was a nice initiative as most of them were new faces. I had a great time speaking to fellow bloggers, getting to know about their interests and sharing my work with them. 
Anoop handed over few gift vouchers to few of them who got maximum souvenirs. :-D 

Asus Product Manager speaks. 

Now we came to the main agenda: Asus product manager disclosed the characteristics of their new gadgets. Pretty interesting stuffs, Asus AIO PC 2040 and Asus Eeebook x205. 
Asus AIO PC 2040 is an integrated machine and has gesture control system. Personally I felt touch would have been more convenient. Gesture control had predefined commands and requires app to be installed. However, it was a nice comp.
Asus Eeebook on the other hand is extremely light and compact. I loved its thin feature, very handy. 

We were left with an hour now. The host made few teams amongst us and gave an activity to depict how important is blogging. 
I was associated to an enthusiastic team which had about 15 members. This small activity brought us even closer. We discussed about it, arrived at a plan and displayed it to the audience. It was nice.!
I liked every skit which was performed by the participants. They were creative. People tend to think more when they are in a group.

Due to time constraint organizers decided to announce the winners through email. With a big grin on our face for a group photo, we then headed towards the dining hall. Hot food was waiting for us. It was delicious. 

The Dinner.
What a wonderful evening.!! I enjoyed it thoroughly. A big thanks to Indiblogger for hosting such a lively party. These kind of events bring fellow bloggers from different part of the country on a same platform. I wish Indiblogger all the best for all their upcoming events and venture. 

Looking forward to next Indiblogger meet..! Cheers to all bloggers who were a part of this meet. Let's keep in touch. Happy blogging..!!

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