Wednesday, 19 November 2014

An intro to Kabini River Lodge.

One year and eight months of wait and finally we were in front of Kabini River Lodge, JLR, Karapura. Indeed, a special and memorable moment. Knowing about my intense desire to visit this place, my dear wife arranged a-day stay. Thrill, excitement and anticipation surrounded me. Deep woods of Nagarahole National park invited us, yet again..!

Kabini JLR--Entrance.
Our tent was ready. It was clean and well maintained. Cozy bed, good ventilation, neat bathroom with exhaust, lobby to relax, bright lights..and not to forget the green patch all around, undoubtedly an awesome experience. We relaxed for sometime and headed towards Golghar to have lunch. 

Golghar is where the food is served. It was big and well arranged. Guests had started their session of itinerary. I was happy to meet some top wildlife photographers and fellow INW members. I could sense the nervousness amongst the crowd about the next big thing---Safari..!!

Briefing centre.
We took a small stroll inside the campus. Lush green trees and well maintained lawns attracted small birds like scaly brested munias, sunbirds, weavers, tailors and bulbuls. I could hear woodpecker rattling some where at a distance. The resort is situated on the banks of Kabini Reservoir and is rich with history.
This was the favorite hunting ground for Mysore Rajahs and their guests.

The Viceroy's building.
Beautiful posters of mammals and birds adorn the walls of Viceroys building. Historical photographs along with its story are put up everywhere. It looked more like a museum to me.

It was tea-time, according to the itinerary briefing was to be done. The naturalists introduced themselves and started presenting their knowledge about Nagarhole National park and it's residents. After briefing they read out the list of guests for safari.

Jeep Safari.
Boat Ride.
 We returned from an adventurous safari. I will post the pics of safari in my upcoming blog, stay tuned till then. :-)

Few pics of JLR campus:

Bar Lounge.
Infamous lobby of Viceroy's building.
A sit out.
Maharajah Bungalow.
Kabini River Lodge : A property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts.

Directions: Bangalore >> Mysore >> HD Kote >> Antharasanthe >> Karapura. 

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