Saturday, 11 January 2014

TG Dam Reservoir.

"Well, that was a pretty long gap..!?"
"Start now: Better late than never." 
These were the words which came to my mind when I saw my blog which was lying dead for almost 8 months. Nevertheless, year 2013 turned out to be my most travel freak year. I roamed, roamed and roamed. Loved every place I visited. Enjoyed the breeze, the rain, mist, clouds, fresh water, green trees, blossoming flowers, chirping birds and the list goes on. I realized how easy it is to get closer to nature. I strongly believe the source of inspiration is INW only. 

Ever since the rainy season started me and my friends thought of visiting to near by places to do some birding. I had heard about the famous Thippagondanahalli Dam, but was not totally sure about its whereabouts. After reading few blogs about the same I decided to pay a visit to find out the best. With late night showers and early morning mist greenery was at its best.

First impression will be the best impression. As we drove towards the village we heard a call from Indian Peafowl that made us to look at the lush farms. Yes, there was a peacock feeding on grains in a farm. The moment I took my camera from the bag, it flew away. But we got to know that this place is rich. Delighted already, we headed towards the village and parked the vehicle. As we started walking towards the reservoir we noticed how clean the place was. It was free of plastic and wastes, quite unusual thing to happen. A distant image of a temple in the middle of reservoir was an amazing gesture. 
Temple in middle of TG reservoir.
TG Dam.
TG Dam is bigger than I imagined. It used to serve as the main source of water for Bangalore and other nearby villages. Due to the extensive rain, the water level had raised which brought good birds too. 
Lots of birds chirping around us, I started to off with raptors which were flying over our heads. Brahminy Kites and Tawny eagles were hunting for prey already. We realized that there were nobody apart from us, yet another solid reason for good birding. 
Tawny Eagle flight.
Brahminy Kite looking for prey
Enjoying each and every bit of the place, we went near the water source. A flock of ducks raced their way into the lake as we walked towards to the lake. It was a treat to watch them flying against the current making a loud sound. 
They Flocked together.
Spot Billed Ducks.

We could not ask for more; it was an ideal habitat for birds. Grey heron flying from one place to other, red wattled lapwings making noise, intermediate egret fishing, little cormorants diving..pleasant scenes everywhere. 
Open Billed stork
Little Cormorants.
Red Wattled Lapwings
Egret on a boulder.
Intermediate Egret flight.
Grey Heron.
As there was no human interaction what-so-ever the place was very peaceful and healthy. 
White Throated Kingfisher.
Paddyfield Pippit.
The shore had lots of crystals, we also found a dead crab amidst the rocks. Water looked gentle with no pollution. We got to know through the localities that they do not allow any plastic items, alcoholic bottles..etc. As a result, the place was neat for which we were glad. 
Dead crab.
Mirror like.
Helicopter fly.
Couple of hours of birding with some peaceful fresh air made our day. We felt good about the green environment. There was no hesitation for us to think about visiting this place another time. 
Directions from Banashankari to TG reservoir :


  1. beautiful pics kiran... gud job:)

  2. Lovely Pics Kiran! :) Loved all of it! 'Temple in middle of TG reservoir' is stunning!