Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Perfect Blend...!

"Life is like a river"--people say this often because water can take any shape during it's flow, likewise our lives takes its own shape during the course of time. A long and lazy route can be deviated to a fun filled route. A Perfect Blend of wildlife and lots of coffee plantations with beautiful homestays is situated just 250 kms away from Bangalore. The place is called COORG. To be precise, the entire district is called Coorg which comprises of many small places surrounded by natural beauty.
Road to Kutta.
 The Rajah's of Mysore called this place as "Karunada Kashmeera" (Kashmir of Karnataka), possibly because of the cool misty weather all through the year. Apart from its scenic beauty, this land is also famous for producing many brave hearts who sacrificed their lives for the country. Sir Manek Shaw, General Cariappa served the nation during Indo-Pak and Indo-China wars. 
By crossing hunsur and Nagarhole reserved forest, on the foothills of Brahmagiri  is a small town called "Kutta". This town banks on the neighboring state Kerala too and is in southern tip of the district Coorg. Well known for its peaceful environment and surrounded by lush green plantations, Kutta homes for several tourists spots. Lakshman theertha or popularly known as Irpu falls is one amongst the favorite spots. Ethnic coorgis consider this place as divine, they take a dip every year during Utsav.
Wild Dohles @ Nagarhole sanctuary.
A Tusker @ Nagarhole sanctuary.
Irpu falls
 In the midst of the forest with pleasant chirping of birds, it is indeed a healthy background. Climbing on the rocks to get drenched by ice cold water is a thrilling experience. This water source unlike others is not polluted. There are lots of home stays which offers hygenic food and cozy shelter at reasonable rates. Adding to that, the hosts will be polite and caring too. A typical coorgi home will be a big farmhouse with coffee and pepper plantations.

A homestay @ Kutta. 
A getaway which is not so far from the busiest hub is certainly delightful for body and soul. Like I said, a perfect blend of coffee aroma and wildlife around, one can breathe easily and live longer. 

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